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Set in the quieter North Shore location just minutes from the sea front 

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This is 2014, 2016/17 is in the room




Bank - ATM Service
The nearest ATM’s are located in the local newsagents opposite the Nisa convenience (and Nisa itself). There is a charge for withdrawals.  There is an ATM at Sainsbury’s on Redbank Rd. in Bispham and there is an ATM at Royal Bank of Scotland in Talbot Rd. opposite North Pier. There is also a free ATM inside SPAR on Dickson Road.


Opening and closing times are enclosed as part of this literature.  The management reserve the right to extend the opening and closing times at their discretion.  The bar and snug are no longer available for smoking purposes due to new government legislation, whilst the beer garden is subject to objections from nosey neighbours!!

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages may also be ordered from reception between 11:00AM to 11:00PM for consumption in your room or the guest lounge.  Sandwiches may also be ordered from reception


The restaurant is located on the right hand side of the ground floor and guaranteed breakfast timings are 08:30am through 09:30am. Through holidays, weekends and illuminations the times are extended.  Please check with Simon or Rhona.  Your room number is also your table number.  Help yourself to the tea/coffee, juices,, hot and cold buffet and order your English breakfast at the table with Rhona. Please allow at least ten minutes from the time of placing the order to being served.  During extremely busy periods breakfast duration will be up to 2 hours duration.  Please bear with us if all guests decide to appear for breakfast at exactly the same time.  Breakfast is included with your room rate.  Additional breakfasts are charged at £7.50 per person.  If you require smoked salmon please notify us at least 24 hours in advance.  If there are just a few guests dining for breakfast, hot buffet items are to be ordered directly from Rhona.

Business Center
Faxes can be sent and received, and photocopying is available, See Simon. Wireless Internet access is available free of charge 24 hours per day in the communal areas.  The network is SKY broadband and is identified as SKY36CD7, the password is YIYRQCEE. 

Check-in time is 2:00pm onwards, however guests may register from 12:00 mid-day to collect their keys and leave their luggage (provided they have notified us in advance). Check-out time is 11:00am. If you are given a later check out, please settle your bill prior to 11:00am. During busier times you may wish to settle your bill on the evening prior to departure.  You may then just leave the keys in the hallway after breakfast.  If you have seen alternative times advertised on the Internet, please advise us of the site in order for us to update it.  Our preferred payment method is debit card as opposed to cash or credit card. We also accept American Express cards.

Christmas and New Year
We do have a 3 day all inclusive package for Christmas and New Year.  Christmas is £295 per person, whilst New Year is £275 per person.  You must book early or check for cancellations as we are always full during this time.

Cots are available as a complimentary special request item. We only have one cot and this will be provided on a first-come, first served basis. We also have two high chairs available.

Credit Information
We accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa. (As well as all major debit cards). 




The NHS walk-in centre is on Whitegate Drive.  The taxi firm we recommend is called Black Tax on 01253 596596 who will take you directly to the centre or to Victoria Hospital, the local A&E hospital on the outskirts of Blackpool.

There is a pharmacy (closed Sat. and Sun.) located two minutes walk from us, in the event that this is closed, there is a pharmacy within Sainsbury’s on Redbank Road in Bispham (5 minutes drive).

Dry Cleaning
Dry cleaning service is available at the launderette opposite.  If you are here on an extended business stay we will be more than happy to arrange weekly collections and deliveries for you.  Please check Sunday opening times carefully and be aware that the launderette is normally closed on Bank Holiday Mondays.

Faxes can be sent and received on your behalf. Our fax number is 01253 531547. Incoming faxes are complimentary and will be delivered to your room as soon as possible.
Faxes can be sent at the front desk. Outgoing faxes are £0.50 per page-local, £1.00 per page-long distance, and £2.00 per page-international.

Fire Emergency
The building is fully equipped with fire prevention devices. For your additional safety, please familiarise yourself with the fire alarm locations, exit routes, and fire safety guides. This information should be on the back of the doors.  We have two staircases, and the main exit is the Front Door.

Your room will receive full service daily. Hours of operation are Monday-Sunday 11:00am-3:00pm.  Please leave any towels you require changing in the shower basin.  If we are unable to access your room during these times we will be unfortunately unable to service it.  However you may ask for additional towels, soaps, toilet rolls, and refreshments during bar opening hours.

(If there are a small number of guests in, the servicing hours may be reduced, so please don’t be offended if you are in your room during these hours and you are just asked if you require fresh towels and replacement teas, milks and coffees).

Water and biscuits are complimentary on the first day of your arrival.

The launderette is located opposite our building.  Please inform us if you require us to collect any laundry on your behalf prior to the closing time of 5:30pm.

Lost & Found
For articles lost or found, please speak with Rhona.

You may hand any outgoing mail to Simon and Rhona.  Postage charges will be added to your bill for payment upon checkout. Mail received on your behalf will be delivered to your room as quickly as possible.


There are complimentary magazines for you to read in the bedrooms and the front lounge.  Please leave these magazines for the benefit of other guests.  However, you may take any magazines from your room that are dated older than three months.


A selection of daily papers are available in the front lounge.  You may take these through to the bar area but please do not take them to the rooms as they are for the benefit of all the guests.  If you would like to recycle newspapers, cans, plastic, glass etc. please feel free to take them home.  The waste from the guest bins is currently taken to land fill sites.

Parking is unrestricted in the local area with the exception of the street parking for one block after Nisa supermarket.  If you have difficulties parking we will help you locate a parking space. There is always parking at the bottom end of Knowle Avenue (no more than 5 minutes walk).



Pet Policy
Some small pets are welcomed free of charge during quieter times. However, you must notify us well in advance as Bruno our Staffordshire Bull Terrier is particularly fond of cats!!! 

Pleasure Beach

Is approximately 2 miles south of the town centre.  It is worth visiting the newsagents to check out the tram and bus passes.  You must pay for a wristband or a £6/- walk around fee (that includes the maze, some shows etc.)

Postage Stamps
Postage is available at current postal rates from Simon and Rhona. If there is no postage available we will arrange postage and charge it to your room bill.  The local Nisa store sells stamps and there is a pillar box near to it.

BOOKING.COM charges commission on all third party and BOOKING.COM Internet bookings (15%) so please book direct via our own web-site (still via BOOKING.COM for your security but at 0%) or using the e-mail address on our business cards. This helps us reduce our costs and invest in further refurbishment. When reviewing room allocations BOOKING.COM bookings that show 0% commission charges will receive preferential treatment regarding room upgrades as these usually indicate repeat guests or referrals for friends. Booking direct via our own website still gives you all the benefits of BOOKING.COM, i.e. managing your booking and being able to leave feedback and hence alleviates the need to contact us directly.

The restaurant is located on the right hand side of the ground floor (please see the enclosed menus). Guaranteed breakfast timings are 09:00am through 09:30am. Through holidays, weekends and illuminations the times are extended.  Please check with Simon or Rhona.  Candle-lit dinners are available in the restaurant between 5:00PM and 7:00PM but should be booked and pre-ordered in advance (minimum two courses @ £15.00).  Bar meals are available in the bar and snug between 7:00PM and 8:30PM.  In busy times, when other guests are already awaiting bar meals, please allow at least 40 minutes for your food to arrive.  Friday evenings are particularly busy with people checking in so if you are planning on sampling our food during your stay then you may be interested to know that restaurants in Blackpool are quieter on Fridays and hence usually the quality of their food and service is better than on Saturday. Queen Street and Topping Street are the most popular areas.  After 8:30PM or for any other reason that we are unable to provide meals, we have a selection of take away menus that we will gladly call through for you and provide crockery, cutlery and condiments in the bar or snug.

Shaver sockets

We are in the process of upgrading shaver sockets. If your shaver socket doesn’t work or your room does not have one, these are available from Rhona.


The pull cord inside the bathroom or red switch outside the bathrooms needs to be on.  If your shower has a control to flow the water, just gently turn on the supply.  A gentle supply of water will ensure you have a pleasant shower.  A movement of water akin to Niagara Falls will give you the impression the shower doesn’t work.  However, just a few of the showers need a higher flow of water to ‘inspire’ them, such as room 2.  All of the showers do work because your room was serviced prior to letting, so please let us know of any problems.  Room 3 Shower requires an anti-clockwise 1/8 turn of the on/off dial.  Room 5 Shower has two dials, the top one is temperamental and often needs turning several times before the red light comes on.  Room 17 Shower requires the on/off switch depressing FIRMLY and SLOWLY,


This is no-smoking premises.  The fire alarms in each room are EXTREMELY sensitive!!

Swimming Pool
Sand Castle World is located opposite the Pleasure Beach on South Shore.  Please do not take your room towels.  Ask Rhona and we can loan you towels specifically for this purpose.



Take Away

Whilst food and drink are permitted in the room, we would prefer if guests asked for plates and cutlery and eat the food in the snug or bar.  We do not charge for this service. This prevents any of the throw-overs or duvet covers on the beds in the rooms being damaged.  Food is not permitted in the front lounge.


All rooms are en-suite.  The rack rate for Bed and Breakfast is £30.00 per PERSON (Anniversary suite £50). During off season rates may be as low as £20 per person.  Children are half price (a child is defined as being with two paying adults and under five OR attending school up to eighteen).  Additional breakfasts are available for £7.50 per person. 


BlackTax are available 24 hours per day on 01253 596596.  Please ensure you are available to travel 5 minutes BEFORE pick up time as BlackTax are extremely efficient. Taxis hold up to eight people so make sure you state the numbers in your group if there are more than four of you travelling.

Telephone Charges
We can offer our telephone or mobile for FREE UK calls.  Check with Simon.

Tourist Information

A selection of tourist information is available in the entrance and hallway areas of the New Guilderoy.  The Tourist Information office is located near the town hall opposite the North Pier.

Wake-Up Service
Some rooms have an alarm clock.  Please let us know if you require assistance with an early morning wake-up. 

Wedding Services

How about hiring out our complete hotel for a quiet weekend in March, April, May or June. Buffet for the guests on the Friday night and great bar prices, discounts on rooms, Anniversary suite for the lucky couple, Champagne breakfast on the Saturday, bar service before and after the ceremony, marriage in Blackpool Tower, six course sit down Wedding Breakfast, and evening buffet and disco in the bar and restaurant.  Late breakfast and check-out on the Monday and appropriate transfers to Blackpool, Manchester or Liverpool Airport for the Honeymoon. 


The New Guilderoy is an accredited AA 2* Small Hotel (Smaller establishment having a maximum of 20 bedrooms and personally run by the proprietor).  Our food offering as rated as AA 4* Hotel.  We compare favourably with other 2 star Hotels and 3 Star Guest Accommodation establishments throughout the UK, however the larger 2 star Hotels in Blackpool generally offer entertainment which is reflected in the price.  Whilst we are aware that there are many more things that need to be done in order to improve the décor of the rooms, overall we believe the New Guilderoy provides better room facilities, better food and drinks options, better ambience, than other similar priced establishments, and of course there are the two of us!!!! J


Many thanks


Rhona and Simon (Please don’t be offended by our silly sense of humour!!) J




As Blackpool is Europe’s largest seaside holiday destination please bear in mind your score when reviewing on-line as many guests believe they have left a very positive review whether it be on booking.com or tripadvisor when in fact they may cause a drop in rankings and a loss of bookings and hence revenue.  Also, please notify us of any issues or problems as soon as possible and we will do our utmost to resolve.



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