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Set in the quieter North Shore location just minutes from the sea front 

Car Parking Situation

This is to answer the comments posted on various web-sites regarding car parking.

such as.........

I would have liked to know about the parking situation which, I realise is outside of the hotel's control. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and found the accommodation to be good value for money.

Parking is not perfect, although street parking is free. Just a case of find a space and leave the car there till the end of the holiday. Use bus/tram. The en-suite was a tad cramped but just grateful one was available. No lift but a stair lift was available for the elderly. The owners are working hard to please. If I had known of its exact location I may have looked more centrally but glad I didn't. This area suited us perfectly.

We are only a couple of hours away. So many friends and family come to Blackpool often. I will definitely be recommending this lovely, friendly, clean hotel. It is close enough to walk to the promenade or to the town centre. Also,only five minutes away from the train station, (Blackpool North) by taxi. It is ideal.

Excellent hospitality at the New Guildroy  [sic] in Blackpool.  We arrived there on a Monday afternoon, having been on a long Journey we just wanted to get to our room and relax. The welcome was magnificent, we were offered help With the luggage and shown around. It is a small hotel but very good for families, good value for money and only three minutes away from the beautiful beach. The breakfast and all the other meals were very good. The environment was very good, the lounge was good for relaxation, the dining room and the bar equally good and all the furniture made the place more exotic. The only draw back is the parking spaces which means that once you park your car you dont have to use it until the end of the holiday, having said that the trams are very accessible, frequent and goes to all the fun places. Would recommend it to families that are looking for quality and value but are realistic at the same time.

Had a super weekend in this nicely situated hotel. The hotel is in a quiet street, but very close to the beach and of course its only a few tram stops to the centre of town.

We had a brilliant weekend staying at the New Guilderoy Hotel. It is ideal for families. Based in the North of Blackpool it was lovely and quiet but has easy access into Blackpool via tram or we walked it a few times too. Uncle Toms cabin is just around the corner for a drink but we tended to have a drink in the hotel bar late on.  A great breakfast and lovely and clean and the kids brilliantly catered for.

Having been a frequent visitor to Blackpool over the last few years I am familiar with staying in all areas.  I have to say that I have never been entirely happy parking my car around any of the hotels that I have stayed at, and the hotels that have had dedicated parking have always required me to leave my keys so that the cars can be shunted around accordingly.  I certainly would not be happy leaving my car in one of the overnight car parks in the town centre or south shore.

We have lived at the New Guilderoy Hotel since February 2005 and we normally use the car at least twice a day.  I am writing this article on 25th August 2005.  I can honestly say that I have never parked more than 100 metres away from the Hotel.  Nine times out of ten I have parked right outside the hotel.  I feel entirely comfortable leaving the car in the areas around the hotel as the area around Queens Promenade is one of the safest areas in Blackpool.

I cannot say whether or not the situation will change during the illuminations (Sept 2nd thru November 7th 2006), however there is a car park at the end of Holmfield Rd.(400m) at Gynn Square just outside the Savoy Hotel.  The tariff is just a few pounds per night.  None of the guests that have stayed with us at the Hotel have ever had to use this car park.

People have stated that once you find a parking place near the hotel it is better to leave the car there.  Of course it is.  Why would you want to find a parking space in Blackpool town centre that allows you a maximum of sixty minutes or else a 60 pounds fine, or alternatively use a public car park for a minimum of two pounds for just two hours when the tram is only 1.20 into town and they run every few minutes.

We are exactly one mile from the hotel to Yate's Wine Lodge.  That's just twenty minutes walk.

If you are staying at the Big Blue Hotel adjacent to the Pleasure beach it is forty minutes walk to the Town centre.

If I have to choose a place to park my car in Blackpool it would be Holmfield Rd.  That's why we bought the hotel here.  A nicer area for nice people!!

Should you really want to book a hotel with designated parking, make sure you ask the hotel do they have enough space for all the Hotel guests because otherwise you may find yourself booked into a Hotel near the tower and then driving to Holmfield Rd. to park your car safely and legally!!

Comment added June 5th 2006.  Our car is still fine and dandy parked outside the hotel door!!!!

Comment added September 5th 2006.  Our car is still fine albeit waiting for the MOT, but yes it's right outside the hotel door!!!!!!

Comment added July 2nd 2007, MOT no problem, still outside the hotel door!!! Never parked more than two minutes away in safe parking, if it seems busy, just pull over, offload and I'll show you where to park.

Comment added August 4th 2007, no parking outside the front this Saturday afternoon, so parked 50 metres around the corner!!!

Comment added 27th February 2009, We're about to embark on our 5th season and still no major issues with parking in the area, there were no more than ten occasions during 2008 season that I had to park more than 50 metres away from the hotel.

Comment added 11th January 2009.  We are now on our 6th season.  The only major issues with parking is that we are now so popular!!!  However, again, there were no more than ten occasions during the 2009 season that I had to park more than 50 metres away from the hotel.

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TreborShropshire_ 1 contribution
Aug 31, 2009 | Trip type: Couples
We took advantage of a cancellation and booked online for a 2 nights break. Parking is a problem, you have to search for somewhere nearby, but it REALLY is worth the effort. Simon and Rhona are a genuinely nice and astonishingly hard working young couple who produce fantastic results. Their warm welcoming smiles and helpful advice are completely authentic. You... more ........

Yep!!! And it was just a two minute walk, safe, and parking for free!!!

It's now April 2015 and everybody is still able to park either outside or on busy times no more than 2 minutes walk away.  This is the best and safest area to park in Blackpool.  FULL STOP!.

Now November 2016 and it's still the best place to park in Blackpool for free.


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